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Strategic Planning: 2020 Vision



2020 Vision


Temple's Sacred Journey

Strategic Planning Priorities Identified

Five priorities to address the Temple’s future have now been identified based upon the information provided from the meetings that were held in the fall. Strategic planning committee members have been tasked with researching and then developing goals to address these five priorities.  But we need your help. If you would like to assist in this important effort, we would very much appreciate your participation.  Please contact the Temple office by phone at 915-532-5959 or email and let us know which committee you want to be on by March 23rd, 2017. Let’s get started on making Temple all it can be!


Membership Enhancement: connecting with congregants from birth to death; growth and healing; outreach to new members. Committee chairs are Lori Gaman, Susan Jaffee and Nancy Laster.

Education For All: diverse educational opportunities including religious school, youth focus, post-confirmation, and adult study programs. Committee chairs are Michelle Blumenfeld, Ben Mansfield and Jacquelyn Spier.

Engagement:  includes congregant communication, outreach to marginally involved and non-participating members, relationship building, leadership mentoring program, and community partnerships/programming. Committee chairs are Joey Charter, Debbie Hamlyn, Jon Sonnen, and Nathan Stevens.

Jewish Relevance:  (1) Religious Services & Music and (2) Social Action & Tikkun Olam. Committee chairs are Deb Benedict, Keith Myers and Stuart Schwartz.

Temple Physical Plant: review consultant’s study that was done over two years ago; how does the building serve us now and in the future; options of staying, remodeling, moving, etc. Committee chairs are Mark Fenenbock, Alan Krasne and David Leffman.

Please know that you may contact us directly at the emails below.

Thank you,

Strategic Planning Co-Chairs

Jack Heydemann Shari Schwartz