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Israel Trip Day 6 - March 17, 2018



News for 03.17.18
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MARCH 17, 2018 -- DAY 6

Shabbat is a time for rest. The Orient hotel provided a beautiful environment to accomplish just that. On our  free morning some of the group caught up on sleep or relaxed reading in one of the exquisite courtyards.Israel day 6 HUC






Some may have followed Rabbi Ben back to the Har El synagogue to hear visiting Rabbi Howard Berman and some went on a walking tour to the German area or visited the hotels contemporary art exhibit.

Israel day 6 art














Our day really started after lunch when we began our journey to the old city. We passed a park with many pieces of art including a Dutch windmill. This park celebrates Yemin Moshe starting the first Jewish settlement outside the wall .

Israel day 6 city 1

Israel day 6 city 2








Our path continued past the YMCA where Rabbi Ben went for spinning classes when he wasn’tdiligently studying at Hebrew Union College just up the street . We learned this college is the center of the Reformed movement in Israel.  We Stood outside the famous King  David hotel where many celebrities have visited. It was originally the headquarters of the British high command . In 1946 explosives in left wing were ignited and destroyed that wing of the building killing 92 Jews, Arabs, and Brits.

Israel day 6 gruop

Our path lead us through the modern Mamilla shopping mall full of beautifulupscale shops and restaurants closed for Shabbat.  I think Ms Becky found her pomegranate in the Mamilla.

Israel day 6 Becky














Finally we ascended up steps revealing the tower of David and the historical old city of Jerusalem!  The group walked throughthe beautiful Jaffa Gate into the old city. Instantly you could feel a change.  We walked through the busy cobblestone streets like a maze learning more and more about the city. We got a  Rooftop view that allowed us to see the many churches and mosques,and the great golden Dome of the Rock which dominates the old city.Israel day 6 maze













The Mormon temple and mount of Olives could be seen just outside the city and the mountains of Jordan in the distance . That view made the group realize just how many faiths come together in this place. We experienced some of the many calls to prayer from the rooftop. Jerusalem is the Center of world.

We then continued to journey to the Temple Mount built by King Herod over 2000 years ago. We learned that the only accessible wall is the western wall.Steep ground prevents other access.

BG our guide explained how the tradition of visiting and praying at the wall was born. Jews have had a longing for this wall throughout history as it signifies hope. We all went to the wall to pray and put our papers in the wall.  Men on one side and women on the other. Each of us will inscribe a special memory of our visit to the wall into our memories forever.

Israel day 6 western wall

Our last trek in the old city was from the site of condemnation to the site of crucifixion and purported resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.











As we left the old city  the group stopped for a memorable Havdalah service just outside the Jaffa Gate. 

Israel day 6 light show

We reunited after dinner for the Night Spectular light show on the walls of the King David museum.  What a Day!

Israel day 6 evening

Love, Cheryl and Alan Karp