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Adult Learning



Lifelong Learning

A variety of adult learning programs happen each week at Temple:

Talmud Torah - Every Tuesday (5:30 pm) and Thursday  (10:30 am).  A rotating schedule of Jewish learning with Rabbi Zeidman on either day of the same week:Talmud

  • Early Fall 2016 Session:  High Holiday Prep (three weeks, beginning Sep 5 thru Sep 28)
  • Fall 2017 Session:  Maimonides: Torah Commentator, Legalist, Philosopher, Doctor (eight weeks. begining Oct 18 thru Dec 21)
  • Winter 2018 Session:  Jewish Poetry (nine weeks, beginning Jan 9 thru Mar 8)
  • Early Spring 2018 Session:  Counting the Omer: To Count or Not to Count (one week, Mar 27 thru Mar 29)
  • Spring 2018 Session:  Pirke Avot (six weeks, beginning Apr 3 and May 10)
  • Early Summer 2018 Session:  To Be Announced (seven weeks, beginning May 15 and Jun 28)
Torah Study on Shabbat mornings each week at 9:30 am: Together we will explore Torah 4 the week’s Torah portion in search of relevance and meaning in our holy, ancient text. Here, we have a chance to really dig into some aspect of the weekly portion. Rabbi Zeidman prepares studies rooted in Chasidic Torah commentary or in the Aggadic Midrashim. Coffee and bagels are served, and the discussion is always lively and animated.
SM conversion cert
Open Tent – First Monday of the month (5:30 pm):  For those who are going   through the process of Conversion to Judaism, or who have completed the process in the past, we’ll talk about the joys and challenges of conversion with Deb Benedict.

(Please note that these schedules are subject to change, and should be verified by checking our website calendar or by calling the Temple office at 915-532-5959.)